Scaffolding Rental — Key Features To Get From A Supplier

12 June 2023
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Scaffolds are raised platforms you can stand on for tasks like painting and repairing siding. If you plan to rent one for a short-term project, be sure to get a couple of important features.

High-Quality Caster Wheels

A lot of rental scaffolds come with wheels because they make these structures easy to move around a worksite. Caster wheels are advantageous because they move in every direction. Just make sure the caster wheels are high-quality. 

Get some made from a durable material like polyurethane or other synthetic resins. They can take a good amount of abuse and still help you move a rental scaffold smoothly around different terrains. 

Speaking of movement, make sure the caster wheels glide in every direction smoothly. You can test out said feature to make sure you get a scaffold that doesn't require much to move around different structures you may work on.

One-Person Setup

If you plan to use a rental scaffold for a project you alone are working on, look for a one-person setup design. It should only take a single individual to assemble the scaffold and erect it around a site you plan to work around for a short-term project. 

Scaffolds with one-person setups typically don't have a lot of parts and their materials are lightweight. You subsequently shouldn't struggle to lift any section of the scaffold into the correct position. Additionally, assembly for the rental scaffold shouldn't take that long. 

Proper Weight Support

While you're up on a rental scaffold, you should always be able to trust that it will support your weight. Even if you suddenly move across one of the platforms, all parts of the scaffold should continue to hold up.

They will if you get a rental scaffold with the proper weight support. Find out how much you weigh, and then ensure you get a scaffold rental that supports your figure. You can subsequently avoid stressful events like a scaffold collapse or a scaffold that tilts too far to one side and causes you to fall off. Ultimately, proper weight support will improve your safety when working on a rental scaffold.

A lot of projects involving heights benefit from scaffold rentals because of their platform stability. If you plan to rent one for any amount of time, see to it that the rental equipment is durable, easy to use, and works well for the project you plan to work on for a couple of days or weeks. 

Reach out to a scaffolding rental service in your area to learn more.