2 Benefits Of Setting Up Automatic Heating Oil Delivery Over Will-Call Service

10 August 2022
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Whether you have lived in or recently moved into a home that has an oil furnace, you will need to make sure that you have enough in the tank before the weather starts to cool off. Before or during this initial delivery, you will have a decision to make regarding whether to set up automatic delivery or call when you need a refill. Unless you live in a temperate area where you know that you will not need constant heat, consider the benefits of setting up automatic delivery over a will-call service.

1. You Do Not Have to Keep Checking and Worrying about the Oil Running Out

One benefit of having your furnace's fuel delivered is that you do not have to keep checking the levels and worrying about the oil running out on a frigid day. With will-call service, you must keep a constant eye on the tank's level and set up a delivery time before it runs out.

However, with automatic delivery, the tank is filled up on a predetermined schedule. This schedule can be adjusted according to past needs to ensure that you receive the oil just when you need it.

2. You Can Budget and Save Money Better with Automatic Oil Delivery

Another benefit of automatic delivery of your home's heating oil is that it can save you money. With the will-call option, you pay the current price of the amount of oil you receive. Since these prices do fluctuate, you may pay more some months. This can make it difficult to keep to your budget.

However, since oil that is automatically delivered is on a contracted price, you will pay a preset amount that was determined when you first signed up for the service. This consistency will help you budget out your energy needs better.

If you typically have not used a large amount of heating oil in the past or live in a milder climate, you may be able to get by with a will-call service, having it delivered only when you need it. However, if you know you will be using the fuel a lot during the winter months, you can benefit by having the oil delivered automatically to save money and ensure that it does not run out. If you are unsure as to which one would benefit your household the most, contact a company near you that offers residential heating oil delivery services to speak with a representative. 

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