3 Reasons To Install Service Bodies On Your Trucks

24 June 2021
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The trucks your service crews drive carry all the tools and equipment they need to do their jobs. While regular pickup trucks have room to store this stuff, you should consider adding service bodies to your vehicles.

Service bodies are special flatbed builds. They contain various compartments and storage space. So, they turn a standard truck bed into a compartmentalized unit.

What are the benefits of truck service bodies?

1. Get Organized Storage

While your workers can store their tools and equipment in the back of a pickup, they won't necessarily do this in an organized way. They might throw everything in at the beginning of the day without sorting it into a logical order.

If you install truck service bodies, then the back of a truck contains a range of compartments, drawers, and storage units. Your crews can sort their tools and equipment and store them together in the same spaces.

2. Reduce Lost Time on Jobs

Every minute counts when your crews are on a job. The faster they work, the more efficient they are. You don't want them to waste time on any job.

If someone has to dig through loose tools and equipment on the back of a truck, then they waste time. If they don't have any kind of organization in there, then they won't necessarily find everything they need when they need it.

Sometimes, a member of your team might arrive at a job only to find that they don't have the right tools or parts with them. They may have assumed they were fully stocked but couldn't easily check.

So, they might have to come back to base to restock. This delays the time it takes them to start working; your customers might not be impressed by the delay.

If you use service bodies, then your crews know where everything is. They can pull together the tools they need for any job quickly. They can also run fast stock checks before they head out to their daily jobs to make sure they have everything they need.

3. Protect Your Tools and Equipment

Your tools and equipment are valuable. If you store them in a standard pickup, then they are out in the open. They could get stolen.

If you install service bodies, then you can lock everything away. Your tools, equipment, and parts are a lot safer, and you won't lose money on opportunistic thefts.