6 Ways To Use Light Duty Clear Plastic Sheeting

15 September 2020
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Light-duty clear plastic sheeting is referred to as many names, such as Visqueen, poly, and plastic film. Essentially, it is a thicker strong type of plastic, sold in sheets, that has many uses.

Way #1: Flooring Protection

There is clear plastic sheeting that is designed with a light adhesive on one side so that the sheeting can be used to protect different types of flooring surfaces. When buying plastic to protect flooring, you want to purchase one that is specifically designed for the type of flooring or surface you want to protect, as the adhesive on the sheeting will be specially designed to stick to that surface without causing damage.

For example, a thicker adhesive will be applied to plastic that is used to protect carpet, than to sheeting used to protect the tile.

Way #2: Greenhouse Roofing

Plastic sheeting is very strong and is often used to cover up and create a greenhouse roof. The plastic used for this is often specialized, with little bubbles in the plastic. The bubbles help to hold in heat inside of your greenhouse and can help add strength to the structure as well. The right type of plastic sheeting can make a great roof for a greenhouse or similar structure.

Way #3: Blackout Curtains

Not all plastic sheeting is white or clear. You can also purchase black plastic sheeting. Black plastic sheeting that has fire retardant on it can be used as blackout curtains. Blackout curtains have a lot of uses. They can be used to create a haunted house or to darken a space for a special event. They are often used on movie sets, and in surprising industries such as aerospace businesses.

Way #4: Closing Off Spaces

Next, you may want to close off space when you are doing a remodeling project. Large plastic sheets can be used to help close off a room and keep that space safe from construction dust and debris. You can tape or staple the plastic in place and keep the areas of your home that are not being worked on clean.

Way #5: Waterproofing Water Structures

You can use high-density plastic sheeting to help waterproof water structures. For example, you can place the plastic at the bottom of a pond or lake structure on your property to create a solid liner that will not break down over time.

Way #6: Outdoor Covering

Finally, plastic sheeting can be used as a great cover for the outdoors. You can use it to cover up equipment, furniture, tools, woodpiles, or anything else you have outside that you really don't want to expose directly to the elements.

There are numerous ways that light-duty clear plastic sheeting can be used for personal and business usage. If you have something you need to cover up or protect, consider using some plastic sheeting for the job.