Supplies Every New Mason Should Have

1 July 2020
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Whether you are starting your first ever masonry project or you just got hired to be a mason full-time, you will, of course, need the right tools and supplies to help you get the job done. You can have all the skills and knowledge about bricklaying in the world but you won't be able to accomplish anything if you don't have the tools to help bring your work to life. Here are some of the masonry supplies and tools that every mason needs, regardless of experience level.

Start with the Hammer

A common mistake masonry rookies make is to think that they can use just any old hammer from their toolbox for the job. For good masonry work, you need a brick or masonry hammer. This kind of hammer is designed specifically for this kind of work. One side will be larger or flatter and is used to break bricks in half. The other side is smaller and can allow more precise breaks when you really need to line something up just so.

Get the Right Trowel to Ensure a Good Hold 

Masonry trowels are used to put the mortar in place on top of each new layer of bricks. The V-trowel is a commonly used tool that can help ensure that each layer of mortar goes on evenly across the entire length of the wall or whatever you are building. A margin trowel is useful for when you need to get mortar into a tight spot and don't want to get any on an existing structure.

A Wire Brush Will Help You Clean Up

One of the hazards of masonry work is that you might occasionally have little bits of brick or concrete that end up on your wall while it's still in the middle of construction. If these bits get into the mortar before the next layer of bricks is put in place, they could mess with the seal or overall integrity of the wall, not to mention messing up the final look. A wire brush will allow you to sweep these crumbs away without compromising the rest of the mortar that you've already put into place.

Don't Forget the Cement or Bricks

Once you have your basic tools in place, you will of course then need the right bricks or cement for the job. This may vary based on what you or the client wants, but there's nothing wrong with using some ready-made concrete mix or a traditional red brick for your first project if you are just looking to learn.

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