A Mixer That Will Make Industrial Tasks More Efficient

24 June 2020
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Mixing adhesives or silicone requires precision and time. This type of application is a crucial component of your product line's success, and one false move or wasted time could result in an inferior product or the inability to meet your daily quota. A planetary mixer may become a valuable tool that will aid your employees in preparing batches that will be used to create finished goods and acquiring a higher yield in less time than usual. 

Why Choose A Planetary Mixer?

Different materials require different blending methods. For instance, an item that is sticky in texture or one that will be blended with a dry ingredient may require a higher stirring speed than liquid ingredients that are being blended together. A planetary mixer has a vertical stirring component, a non-moveable bowl, and various attachments that secure to the front of a unit.

The speed of the mixer can be adjusted as needed, and if a sturdier tool is required to blend two or more materials, a spatula, a mixing paddle, a dough hook, or a vacuum component can be engaged, to help speed up the process and ensure that items are blended sufficiently. Each part of a planetary mixer can be detached after a blending session has been completed. This will allow an employee to clean the bowl and accessories prior to working on the next batch of blended components.

How Many Mixers Are Needed?

If several products are produced at your business, owning one planetary mixer may not make a big enough dent in the production needs of the industry. Investing in multiple mixers may be more beneficial. Assess the area where raw products are blended to help you determine where you will set up some new equipment. Separate work areas that each pertain to one type of finished good may encourage you to buy a separate unit for each workstation.

Once you invest in this type of equipment, learn the key components of each machine and hold an impromptu meeting that is designed to teach your employees how to use the new machinery. Allow each person to engage and disengage various attachments prior to assigning them to begin using a mixer throughout the course of the day.

Keep track of how much more efficient things are operating once the equipment has been put to use for several days. If you notice that there are less wasted raw materials and that the daily production quota is met in a shorter amount of time, your workers are on the right track and have adequately adapted to using the planetary mixers.