Effectively Managing Your Construction Project's Supply Chain

16 March 2020
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Managing the supplies that are needed for a large construction project can be among the most demanding aspects of overseeing this work. Inefficiencies with the logistics of supplying the project site can dramatically hinder the progress of the project.  

Opt for Frequent Deliveries

One of the hardest aspects of managing a construction site is ensuring that there are enough supplies and resources for the workers to be able to do their jobs. While it may seem like ordering all of these materials at the start of the project will be the most effective way of meeting this need, it can actually create a host of problems. For example, these supplies can actually suffer deterioration over the time that they are being stored, which may make them unsuitable for use. Wood components rotting and metal items rusting are the most obvious types of damage that can occur. Furthermore, it can be difficult to effectively estimate the amount of supplies that you will need, as the original estimate might ignore instances of mistakes occurring or other problems resulting in some of these supplies being lost or wasted. Opting for deliveries of supplies every few days can help you more efficiently manage the supplies for your project without hindering its progress.

Keep a Formal Inventory List

Failing to have a formal inventory list of the supplies for the project can be another mistake that hampers your ability to manage the supply chain. Having a formal inventory list of the materials that you have on site can allow you to be able to accurately track your current supplies and the rate at which you are using them. This will require recording the supplies that are taken from inventory and conducting a thorough count of the supplies, but it can be essential for making sure that you have exactly what you need for the work that will occur in the coming days.

Designate a Suitable Storage Area

Improper storage can dramatically increase the percent of your supplies that suffer damage or other deterioration while in storage. While some project sites can make it difficult for a dry and sheltered storage location to be set up, it is essential for the project manager to make these arrangements. Otherwise, exposure to the elements will rapidly degrade many of the supplies. At a minimum, wood and any items prone to corrosion should have some type of shelter over them. If these materials cannot be stored inside, a tarp system may be used to shelter them from direct rain, but this will be a less effective solution.

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