For the Love of Tractors: Restoring Antiques and Where to Find Parts

5 February 2020
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Tractors have been at the very heart of farming since the very late nineteenth and very early twentieth centuries. The tractor was very humble in its beginnings, often requiring a two-team horse pair to help propel the tractor forward, even after it became motorized. Eventually, around WWI, the tractor advanced to the point where it could operate on its own and still plow rows in a field. 

Some folks, particularly those who have fallen in love with little slices of Americana, spend their time restoring these tractors when and where they can be found. If you have taken up this hobby of restoring an antique tractor, you undoubtedly are discovering a lack of parts. Modern tractor parts will hardly fit or work to restore these antiques, but there are ways of finding the parts you are looking for.

Manufacturers Focused on Providing Restoration and Case IH Parts

Recognizing that people are trying to save pieces of history from rusting away into nothingness, certain manufacturing companies have taken up the torch to recreate the most commonly sought-after tractor parts. These parts are made with modern materials, but they are very true to the original tractors' parts in size, color, detail, etc.. You could start by researching these companies and checking out their websites to see what they are offering. They might also have some suggestions for finding reproduction parts that they do not make or do not currently have in stock. If you need parts for a specific tractor, such as Farmall tractors, you should be clear about the make and model of your tractor. 

Check with Trash Pickers

TV shows like American Pickers feature junk pickers who raid others' hoards of trash and treasures to find things they can restore and sell for cash. This is another possible source for parts since some of these professional junk pickers will take on "missions" for people who want to find certain machine parts but do not have the time or resources to run around and junk-pick themselves. The finders' fees might be a little steep, but if you cannot find the parts you want and need to restore your tractor on your own, the finders' fees are worth it when they find the parts you desperately need to finish your restoration. Salvage yards featuring farm equipment are also a good place to be looking for tractor parts. 

Here are just a few tips to get you started. Contact farming equipment companies to learn more about tractor parts.