A Helpful Guide When Buying An Automatic Girth Welder

28 January 2020
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If you need to carry out horizontal welds, one machine that is perfect for this particular operation is an automatic girth welder. Even if you've never purchased this sort of equipment before, you'll have a smooth buying process thanks to these tips. 

Assess Size

Unfortunately, you probably don't have unlimited space on your work site for an automatic girth welder. Since these welders come in such a wide variety of sizes today, you need to spend time seeing what would be an optimal fit.

First, choose a prime location for this automatic girth welder. Then, mark off its perimeter so that you have some measurements to analyze. You can use them to guide you to the perfect girth welder size. Taking such a simple precaution will ensure you find the right size and thus don't have to send the welder back.

Review Welding Speed

When you're completing horizontal welds, you probably want to complete them as quickly as possible. This enables you to move on to other important aspects of a project and ultimately save money. For this reason, spend time reviewing the welding speeds of different automatic girth welders.

This spec should be listed in each welder's description, whether you're buying online or at a manufacturing/supplier warehouse. Just keep in mind that the faster the welding speed is, the more you may have to pay. However, these costs may be worth the time you save completing horizontal welds on various materials. 

Pick a Condition

One of the more important decisions you'll need to make when investing in an automatic girth welder is buying a brand-new model or something that has been used in the past. New models will cost a lot more, but they are advantageous in that they're in perfect condition and probably will last a lot longer.

Used models, conversely, may have a little bit of wear and tear. That may be completely okay as long as the used model still functions great. Take your time assessing used models if that's the route you take, so that the investment you make ends up working out great for the foreseeable future. 

Automatic girth welders are highly coveted pieces of machinery as they can complete complex horizontal welds quickly. If you're in the market for said device, just know what will work for your particular operations. Knowing these details can help you avoid selecting the wrong welder and then having regrets.