Need A New Air Compressor? 3 Types To Choose From And Maintenance Tips

11 March 2021
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If you need to purchase a new air compressor you need to buy the best type. To help you out, below are three types you will find on the market. You will also find information on how to keep your air compressor maintained so it will last longer. Types of Air Compressors One common type of air compressor you will find is the displacement air compressor. This type has an internal cooling system to help prevent the compressor from getting too hot. Read More 

3 Ways Your Thread Gages Can Sustain Damage

19 January 2021
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Threaded fasteners play a vital role in the construction of a wide range of products. Without accurate thread sizing, a fastener's ability to provide a secure connection is compromised. Manufacturers rely on thread gages to check fastener specifications and ensure the integrity of all threaded fasteners leaving their facility. Your thread gages are designed to be durable, but they may sustain some damage over time. If you know how thread gages can sustain damage, you will be equipped to identify faulty thread gages before they create serious problems in the future. Read More 

Helpful Purposes For Which To Use Your Jet Pumps

17 November 2020
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Water serves an important purpose around your property. To ensure that it travels to the right locations around your place, you should install components that are designed to carry and pump it. Specifically, you can benefit by putting in jets and pumps to carry out critical roles around your property. These uses are some for which jet pumps are designed. Submersible Well Pumps The jet pumps that you install can be used in your property's water well. Read More 

6 Ways To Use Light Duty Clear Plastic Sheeting

15 September 2020
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Light-duty clear plastic sheeting is referred to as many names, such as Visqueen, poly, and plastic film. Essentially, it is a thicker strong type of plastic, sold in sheets, that has many uses. Way #1: Flooring Protection There is clear plastic sheeting that is designed with a light adhesive on one side so that the sheeting can be used to protect different types of flooring surfaces. When buying plastic to protect flooring, you want to purchase one that is specifically designed for the type of flooring or surface you want to protect, as the adhesive on the sheeting will be specially designed to stick to that surface without causing damage. Read More 

Brass or Stainless Steel Valves? How to Decide

23 July 2020
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Your choice in valve materials will depend on your project. The difference between brass and stainless steel is important to understand as one is often better suited for one project over another. Here's some information to help you choose. Benefits of Brass Valves  Brass valves are stronger than other materials like plastic. The strength of brass makes them more expensive than plastic valves. Brass valves contain a mixture of zinc and copper and sometimes other metals. Read More